Sunday, 29 January 2012

Living on rations.....

Yesterday i did the weekly shop on World War 2 rations and it was a real eye opener! I cannot believe how much money we saved!!!! Our normal weekly shop is round about £70 per week and this week that was down to £40! Fantastic.....i am very pleased with this saving and so is my husband!

These are the rations that i followed.....I hope they are accurate; i found them online after doing some research but i do find that the information seems to differ from one place to another and it's very confusing when it comes to the points system.....but it saved us money so i guess it's fine what i did anyway.....

Per adult(each week) :-

2oz butter
8oz sugar
2oz cheese
1lb jam (every 2 months)
4oz bacon and ham
Meat up to the value of £6
1 egg
4oz margarine
3 pints milk
2oz tea
12 oz sweets (every 4 weeks)

Plus 16 points per month for things like tinned foods, cereal etc.....

Children under 5 (per week, per child)

7 pints milk
3 eggs
Carton of orange juice
Cod liver oil
Plus half of everything above in the adult ration.

Bread, flour, vegetables and home grown fruit not rationed.

There are two adults in my house and two children under the age of 5. I stuck to this with the shopping although i did cheat a little and bought yogurts for my children as they love them and i think they need them so that they get lots of calcium.

I'll let you know during the week the kind of meals we have. Breakfast will be either toast and jam or porridge, or bacon and eggs as we had this morning( we have eggs given to us by my grandad from the chickens on his allotment so we may be able to have more eggs than we would have, but i think this should be ok as i know alot of people during the war did keep chickens so they could have the eggs). I didn't bother with dried eggs.
Lunches will be sandwiches and leftovers from the evening before, or maybe beans on toast.
I'm doing a meal planner for the month so i will share this on another post which will be the evening meals that we will be eating.

I already had things like flour and sugar in this week so didn't need those..... this was the £40 shopping list.....

Mushy peas (points)
Beans (points)
Orange juice
Tea bags
Tinned fruit (points)
Turkey mince
Joint of pork
Bar of chocolate
Children's yoghurts (explained above)
Chocolate chips
Matches (points)
Custard (points)
Blackcurrant squash ( not sure if this would have been allowed....will look it up)
Cat food (i know they didn't feel their cats cat food as such in the war, but i can't not feed our cats!)
Tomato ketchup (points)

I've been baking for a couple of hours this morning to make all of the sweet treats that we need for the week but this will be tomorrows post......

So, i hope that helps someone:)

Until tomorrow, guys and dolls!

RetroMummy x


  1. Good on you-I've never thought about this and it may be something to consider as we spend a ridiculous amount of money on food! I'm now following your blog so I can see how you get on this week! x

  2. How fab! I can;t wait to find out how you get on!