Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sorry for the delay!

Well, I'm very sorry that I haven't kept up with this blog for the past week or so....I'm just really getting into this retro lifestyle and I just don't seem to want to be on the internet as much....It's strange how it's affecting me so quickly.

I've been learning so much. This week is half term and as my hubby is a teacher and my son is off school, the TV seems to be creeping on during the day and I'm finding it very annoying. I've already become used to not having it on all day, and to listening to the radio instead, so it kind of gets on my nerves!
The food shopping just amazes me was £40 the first week as I told you; the week after it was £30!!!! The week after that £40 if this trend continues next week we could have spent around £150 on the months shopping whereas before it was around £250/260!!!! I just love much less hassle aswell. The meals and baking I've been doing have been successes and I just don't feel we're missing anything. I'm not sticking strictly to the amounts that were allowed with rationing but I am sticking to the things that were allowed....and I've now got rid of the yoghurts for the kids and they mainly have custard now instead.

Thanks for the pointers in the previous post about how to get photos on here....i can see where io get them in now but I still csan't seem to do it....not sure why but I will keep trying.....maybe another reason why I'm meant for a past life and not this modern one,haha!

I'm planning on throwing some retro themed parties soon for our friends....I thought it'd be lots of fun to welcome them into my world.....they think I'm crazy but they might see the light and enjoy my time travel for a little while....;)

P.S Spam fritters are amazing,hahaha!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Retro Glamour

I'm turning to the subject of retro hair and make-up today. This past week I have been experimenting with a new look, and I'm really liking it. Makes me feel very glamourous even though I'm only at home and doing the school run, it makes me feel good.

So to the hair.....I bought some bobby pins and decided to try sleeping in pin curls as many ladies did back in the 40's/50's. I found it really easy to do and comfortable to sleep in. If you want to know how to do these, type it into youtube and there are lots of tutorials.....the result for me was lovely loose curls that lasted all day. I had lots of compliments from other mums on the school run.

For the make-up, i bought some liquid eyeliner and red lipstick. I again followed a tutorial in youtube of how to apply retro make-up. I was really scared of wearing the red lipstick at first, but now i know why women were able to do so much during the war.....that red lipstick makes me feel like I'm walking about ten foot taller!!!! and i really love the look that liquid eyeliner on the whole a big hit. Teamed with red nail polish I feel very well groomed!

If i ever work out to post photos on here i will share the finished look with you all....

Retro Mummy x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Housekeeping schedule

On the subject of cleaning the house I have one word....Flylady:) I'm sure that you'll have probably heard about Flylady already but I really can't praise her routines enough.....they have been getting my home in order for quite afew months now and I love it! If you haven't already checked this out then have a look at

Flylady recommends a weekly home blessing hour on mondays but I do one of the little missions each day of the week and spread them out that way....I also have my daily jobs which I do each day of the week which include;
Hoovering the main living areas of house
Washing pots after each meal
Emptying the kitchen bins
Laundry (I do a load each night, dry it the next day and then iron it and put away the same day)
I do Flylady's swish and swipe which means I wipe around the bathroom and kitchen each day and bleach the toilet every night before bed.

.My weekly housekeeping schedule goes like this:-

Hoover all through the house
Empty rubbish bins
Clean pet dishes
15 minute detailed cleaning in the current zone (this is also a flylady thing; each week she gives you a different zone of the house to focus on)
15 minutes decluttering in the current zone
Mission for the day (Flylady sends a little mission to do by email each day....I love it, it makes housekeeping fun somehow!)

15 minutes detailed cleaning in current zone
15 minutes decluttering in current zone
Mop all through the house
Mission for the day

Mission for the day
15 mins detailed cleaning in current zone
15 mins decluttering in current zone
Dust all through the house

15 mins detailed cleaning in current zone
Mission for the day
Any errands that need doing at the shops after I pick my son up from school
Clean out my purse and handbag
Polish mirrors and doors

Wash bedding and towels
Mission for the day
Hoover downstairs and mop downstairs
Empty all rubbish bins
Clean pet dishes
Make food shopping list
Chuck junk from fridge and give it a quick wipe down

There's plenty more little things that I do but really I just follow Flylady and all of the information is on her website if you're interested in having a look....
I like doing it this way because it's a little bit each day rather than doing it all in one. In the 1940's/50's they generally had a day to do each job....they normally had laundry day on mondays and did it all on the one day....I did it like that for a while but it's not great in winter to get everything dry on one day i found, and i was running out of space to dry it all!!!! I think the important thing is that i have a housekeeping schedule and stick to it as i do believe it's an important part of my job as homemaker....the house is always clean and tidy which makes me happy and makes a welcoming home for my hubby and kids to relax and play in:)

I was asked by one of the members of this blog to pass on the recipe for the jam tarts i made on here it is Jen:)

I used a recipe for sweetcrust pastry....

8oz (250g) plain flour
1 tablespoon caster sugar
4oz (125g) margarine
3 tablespoons cold water

Sift the flour into a bowl and stir on the sugar. Rub in the marg lightly until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Bind with the water. Knead lightly on a floured surface until smooth. Wrap and chill for about 30 minutes before rolling out. Use a pastry cutter for cutting out the circles for the tarts.
Grease a bun tin( not sure what they're called really; you know the ones for making cupcakes, muffins, yorkshire puddings...) Put a pastry round in each hole of the tin. Fill the pastry round with about a teaspoon of jam....Bake at gas mark 6 for 10-15 minutes.

Retro Mummy x