Monday, 12 September 2011

My lovely life:)


Well here I am starting my own little blog:) Been reading alot of other people's blogs lately and been inspired to start my own....

So a little about myself and kind of what this blog will be about..... I am Kelly and I am a housewife and full time mummy. My hubby is a teacher and we have two lovely children....our little boy Sonny who is 4 years old and our baby girl Daisy who is 15 months old. They are my world:) We decided that i wouldn't return to work after my maternity leave ended after Daisy was born and this is the best decision i could have made.....which leads me on to what this blog will mostly be about.

I love all things retro.....the way of life, fashion, traditions, music, food, movies, home styles and i have decided to take this inspiration into my day to day life as much as possible. I cook all of our family meals from scratch, i bake , i spend my days cleaning my home and caring for the children and i can honestly say that i am loving every minute of it:) We may not have loads of cash, holidays abroad or be out every weekend but I wouldn't swop it for any of rewards are being there to take my son to school, seeing every moment of how my daughter changes and learns new things, being able to look after my hubby but sending him to work with his lunch home made and with a piece of whatever cake i have made that week, and to be able to spend time making my house warm and inviting:)

I will share with you my weekly cleaning schedule, my meal plans/ shopping lists etc......and basically my day to day life:) I am thinking about taking up a challenge to shop and cook for the family using 1940's war rations to see if we can be more frugal and save some cash from our food budget......

So, hope you will enjoy reading along with me .