Monday, 30 January 2012


So, yesterday i spent a couple of hours baking. I love baking! I never used to until about 6 months ago and now it brings me so much joy! I love just getting into the kitchen and making something so yummy out of a few basic ingredients and it does feel so retro to just bake a cake or have homemade cookies for my kids to enjoy with a glass of milk:) It fills the house with lovely smells and makes it feel so warm and comforting.....

I've decided to bake every Sunday to make the lovely sweet treats that we want to last us the week, as i won't be buying things like biscuits, cakes and chocolate bars from the supermarket anymore. This week i made chocolate cupcakes, jam tarts and chocolate chip cookies. They turned out really well, tasted lovely and cost so much less to make than they would to buy. Plus we spent some lovely family time making them; my little boy loves to help me in the kitchen:)

I did take a few photos so i could share the experience and results with you but I'm new to this blogging thing and i can't seem to get them on here, but i will keep trying!

So, now we have the cupcakes for my kids to have as dessert with some custard after their evening meal and they'll enjoy the cookies with some milk before bed. Think I'll have to treat myself too ;)

I can't say I'm missing anything so far on the rations. We had a roast dinner last night and then i made a stew with the leftover pork joint today which was so simple yet so tasty. I've done a meal planner on the rations for the next month so I'll share that on tomorrows post.

Retro Mummy :)


  1. I love baking too, it's one of my favourite things to do but I wish I could say it's cheaper than buying thing-I find it's cheaper to buy them as by the time I've bought the ingreadiants I've spent double to cost! Maybe I am shopping in the wrong places! Great blog though! x

  2. I found it was more expensive at first to get all of the ingredients in but now i'm stocked up i don't really have to buy much more each week. I also buy smart price flour etc.... I normally bake a cake and cookies so once the ingredients are there they last a while....all i should need to buy each week is the marg, chocolate chips, and to get the eggs from my grandad's allotment. The flour, sugar, baking powder etc, lasts a good few weeks. The jam tarts were so easy and will have hardly cost anything. Thanks Chloe:) x