Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sorry for the delay!

Well, I'm very sorry that I haven't kept up with this blog for the past week or so....I'm just really getting into this retro lifestyle and I just don't seem to want to be on the internet as much....It's strange how it's affecting me so quickly.

I've been learning so much. This week is half term and as my hubby is a teacher and my son is off school, the TV seems to be creeping on during the day and I'm finding it very annoying. I've already become used to not having it on all day, and to listening to the radio instead, so it kind of gets on my nerves!
The food shopping just amazes me was £40 the first week as I told you; the week after it was £30!!!! The week after that £40 if this trend continues next week we could have spent around £150 on the months shopping whereas before it was around £250/260!!!! I just love much less hassle aswell. The meals and baking I've been doing have been successes and I just don't feel we're missing anything. I'm not sticking strictly to the amounts that were allowed with rationing but I am sticking to the things that were allowed....and I've now got rid of the yoghurts for the kids and they mainly have custard now instead.

Thanks for the pointers in the previous post about how to get photos on here....i can see where io get them in now but I still csan't seem to do it....not sure why but I will keep trying.....maybe another reason why I'm meant for a past life and not this modern one,haha!

I'm planning on throwing some retro themed parties soon for our friends....I thought it'd be lots of fun to welcome them into my world.....they think I'm crazy but they might see the light and enjoy my time travel for a little while....;)

P.S Spam fritters are amazing,hahaha!

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